Eufora Offers Insider Tips for Perfecting Pink

As clients head back to the salon for the first time in months, the desire for self-expression will call upon various hair shades.  

According to Eufora, pink is making a statement as this season’s new fashion color. Celebrities, including Elle Fanning, Suki Waterhouse, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and Helen Mirren have all been spotted donning the rosy hue.

Eufora's color development manager, Joanne Rempel, shared tips for achieving pink perfection. She explained, “I use EuforaColor Artisan Pink Peony as the foundation for any pink tone because as a direct dye, it offers tremendous color, shine and flexibility.  For the most vibrant pink/magenta tone, pre-lighten hair to a level 10 and then use Artisan Direct Dye, Pink Peony, on its own or, pre-lighten to a level 9, add a little Artisan Red Rose and a drop of Artisan Purple Iris to Pink Peony for a shockingly vibrant pink tone.”

Rempel’s favorite formula includes:

  • 25g Artisan Pink Peony
  • 5g   Artisan Red Rose
  • 1 drop Artisan Purple Iris (about 1/4g)
  • Apply to pre-lightened dry hair. Process for 30 min. No developer needed.

Rempel suggested diluting the above formula with Artisan Crystal Clear at a ratio of 1:4. (One part Artisan Color to four parts Artisan Crystal Clear), if the client wants a soft and subdued pink. For a pastel pink, she recommended diluting Artisan Pink Peony with Eufora Daily Balance Conditioner using the same mixing ratio. 

Eufora stated that pastel pinks go best with cool skin tones and pink/magenta tones work best on guests with a more sun-kissed complexion.

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