Will These be the Biggest Hair Trends of 2022?

In a world of face masks and social distancing, people are seeking out various avenues to express their individuality. This desire to better stand out will prompt hair color to take on a new importance, according to WGSN.

In the report “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture,” WGSN included colors and directions from its S/S 22 palette and translated them into five trends predicted to turn heads in 2022.

  • 1. Orchid Flower Plays Well with Electric Orange

    WGSN’s Orchid Flower is predicted to be a key hair color for both men and women in 2022. The report suggested pairing the hue with electric orange shades. Source: “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture.”

  • 2. Alt-milk Shades Win the Blonde Game

    The report predicts that blonde shades will be lower-maintenance and have a softer, purer appeal, inspired by alt-milks such as almond, cashew, soya and oat. Source: “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture.”

  • 3. Complementary Colors: Purple and Green

    According to WGSN, the colors Muted Lilac Chalk and youthful Lavender Silk feel futuristic and experimental when paired with Seaweed Green. This youthful and expressive story is as much about texture as it is about color, the report stated. Source: “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture.”

  • 4. Hair Color Goes Elemental

    The report predicts that as the healing capabilities of crystals and minerals are further recognized within beauty formulations, the colors Pink Clay and Pink Amethyst inspire both in color and in texture. Source: “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture.”

  • 5. Fermented Foods Make Their Salon Debut

    WSGN predicts that as fermented ingredients are starting to gain traction in skin care, by 2022 their natural medicinal properties will make them key for hair care. Their vibrant yet nourishing colors inspire these off-kilter naturals, the report explained. Source: “Forecast S/S 22: Hair—Colour & Texture.”

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